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Free Bagel & Cream Cheese Shmear at Einstein Bros

May 17, 2024, BY

Free Bagel & Cream Cheese Shmear at Einstein Bros
Unlocking Delicious Perks: How to Snag a Free Bagel & Cream Cheese Shmear at Einstein Bros

Are you a breakfast enthusiast with a soft spot for bagels and cream cheese? Well, you’re in for a treat! I recently stumbled upon an exciting offer that lets you savor the delightful combination of a Bagel & Cream Cheese Shmear for free, and I’m here to spill the beans on how you can score this delicious deal.


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This isn’t your typical promotional spiel. I’m not the bearer of this delightful offer, but I’m thrilled to guide you on how to claim your free treat. The magic happens when you join Einstein Bros.

Rewards – a loyalty program that opens the door to a world of complimentary goodies.

How to Snag Your Free Bagel & Cream Cheese:

  1. Sign Up for Einstein Bros. Rewards: The first step to unlocking this culinary delight is signing up for Einstein Bros. Rewards. It’s a quick and simple process that sets the stage for a series of tasty perks.
  2. Download the Einstein Bros. App: To make your journey even smoother, download the Einstein Bros. app. This handy tool allows you to effortlessly check in at the bakery, keep tabs on your points, and redeem your well-deserved rewards.
  3. Indulge in Your Free Bagel & Cream Cheese Shmear: Once you’re all set up, you’ll not only receive a warm welcome but also a complimentary Bagel & Cream Cheese Shmear with a purchase, just for signing up. It’s that easy – no strings attached.
Why Einstein Bros. Rewards?

Now, you might be wondering what makes this loyalty program special. Beyond the delectable freebies, Einstein Bros. Rewards offers a seamless experience, ensuring you’re always in the loop for upcoming treats and surprises. It’s a win-win for any breakfast lover.

So, if the idea of starting your day with a free Bagel & Cream Cheese Shmear appeals to you, take the leap and sign up for Einstein Bros. Rewards. This isn’t about us pushing a product; it’s about sharing the joy of a delightful breakfast experience.

The key to unlocking your free bagel delight lies in joining Einstein Bros. Rewards. It’s not us giving away the treats, but we’re excited to guide you on this flavorful journey. Happy munching!

To Join Einstein Bros Rewards Click Here
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