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Free TCBY Frozen Yogurt & Toppings on February 6th

January 25, 2024, BY

Free TCBY Frozen Yogurt & Toppings on February 6th
A Sweet Treat: How to Snag Your Free TCBY Frozen Yogurt & Toppings on National Froyo Day

Hey there, dessert enthusiasts! I stumbled upon an incredible deal that’s too sweet not to share. TCBY, in celebration of National Froyo Day, is giving away FREE Frozen Yogurt & Toppings on February 6th. And yes, you heard it right – it’s not a coupon gimmick, and no purchase is required!


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Here’s the scoop on how to make sure you get your hands on this delectable deal:

1. Mark Your Calendar for February 6th: Circle this date because it’s your ticket to a delightful frozen treat.

National Froyo Day at TCBY means you can indulge in the first 6 ounces of Frozen Yogurt & Toppings without spending a dime.

2. No Coupons Needed – Just Show Up: Unlike other promotions that require you to jump through hoops, TCBY keeps it simple. No need to fumble with coupons or secret codes. Just head to your nearest TCBY location on February 6th and enjoy the sweetness of a complimentary frozen delight.

3. Find Your Nearest TCBY with the Store Locator: Worried about where to find your free treat? Fret not! TCBY has made it easy for you. Utilize their store locator to pinpoint the closest TCBY in your vicinity. With locations nationwide, you’re bound to find a spot to satisfy your frozen yogurt cravings.

4. First 6 Ounces – Absolutely Free: Picture this – your cup filled with the creamy goodness of TCBY Frozen Yogurt, topped with your favorite toppings, and the best part? The first 6 ounces are on the house! It’s a guilt-free indulgence that won’t cost you a penny.

So there you have it, a simple guide to scoring your free TCBY Frozen Yogurt & Toppings on National Froyo Day. Mark your calendar, locate your nearest TCBY, and treat yourself to a sweet celebration on February 6th. Don’t miss out on this mouthwatering opportunity – it’s time to savor the joy of free froyo!

To Find a TCBY Location Click Here
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