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My Maille Brand Ambassador Program

June 17, 2024, BY

My Maille Brand Ambassador Program
The Inside Scoop on My Maille Brand Ambassador Program

Are you a devoted fan of Maille gourmet mustard? Brace yourself for some exciting news! In this post, I’ll spill the beans on an amazing opportunity that allows you to share your love for Maille and receive a complimentary delivery of your favorite products.


* this is how we contact you if you win

Unlocking Culinary Opportunities: First things first, let’s clarify that I’m not the one offering this fantastic deal—it’s the My Maille Brand Ambassador Program. If Maille is a culinary essential for you, here’s how you can elevate your kitchen adventures.

How to Get the Deal:
  1. Express Your Love for Maille: Visit Maille Site and share why Maille is the secret ingredient in your favorite recipes. Be genuine and passionate about your love for Maille gourmet mustard.
  2. Get Selected: If chosen to be a part of the #MyMaille brand ambassador program, you’ll receive a complimentary delivery of select Maille products.
    Imagine having your favorite gourmet mustards delivered straight to your doorstep!

Once you’ve received your complimentary Maille products, let your creativity shine. Whip up 3-5 culinary creations using Maille and capture them with photos or videos. Share your culinary masterpieces on social media, and your creations might be featured on Maille’s social media, website, and marketing channels—with credit to you, of course!

Why Participate? Becoming a My Maille brand ambassador is more than just a deal—it’s an opportunity to showcase your culinary talent, share your love for Maille, and have your creations celebrated on a broader platform.

If Maille holds a special place in your kitchen, the My Maille Brand Ambassador Program is your ticket to culinary stardom. Express your love, get selected, and let your creativity shine. It’s not just a deal; it’s an invitation to live out your culinary dreams with Maille.

To Register For My Maille Ambassador Program Click Here
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